N Wang D / Q Zhao (@1.22) vs C Hosonuma / S Jang E (@3.75)

Our Prediction:

N Wang D / Q Zhao will win
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N Wang D / Q Zhao – C Hosonuma / S Jang E Match Prediction | 12-09-2019 01:30

B.; Looney, T. 2014, 6, 231-244. Madzo, J.; Liu, H.; Rodriguez, A.; Vasanthakumar, A.; Sundaravel, S.; Caces, D. T.; Wickrema, A.; Godley, L. X.; Yu, M.; Yu, Y.; Grossman, R.; Raumann, B.; Verma, A.; He, C.; Levine, R. Hydroxymethylation at Gene Regulatory Regions Directs Stem/Early Progenitor Cell Commitment during Erythropoiesis. J.; Zhang, L.; Lepore, J. A. L.; Lavelle, D.; Lahn, B. B.; Macrae, T.; Duszynski, R.; Shih, A. H.; Song, C. Cell Rep..

Therefore, tremendous efforts have been dedicated toward developing stretchable conductors, with a focus on conductive material/polymer composites. Various strategies for developing highly stretchable conductors that can deform into nonplanar shapes without significant degradation in their electronic performance are described in terms of preparation processes. Stretchable conductors are particularly crucial for the realization of stretchable electronic devices. This review summarizes the recent progress in stretchable conductors and related stretchable devices based on carbon nanotubes (CNTs), which was enabled by their outstanding electrical and mechanical properties. Stretchable electronics has evolved rapidly in the past decade because of its promising applications, as electronic devices undergo large mechanical deformation (e.g., bending, folding, twisting, and stretching). Finally, challenges and perspectives for further advances in CNT-based stretchable conductors are discussed.


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A.; DeBerardinis, R. H.; Shan, C.; Dai, Q.; Zhang, L.; Xie, J.; Gu, T.-L.; Jin, P.; Ale kovi, M.; LeRoy, G.; Kang, Y.; Sudderth, J. M.; Owonikoko, T. J.; Kang, S.; He, C.*; Chen, J.* Phosphoglycerate Mutase 1 Coordinates Glycolysis and Biosynthesis to Promote Tumor Growth. Hitosugi, T.; Zhou, L.; Elf, S.; Fan, J.; Kang, H.-B.; Seo, J. H.; Ye, K.; Boggon, T. J.; Khuri, F. K.; Lonial, S.; Arellano, M. R.; Lee, B. Z.; Muller, S.; Shin, D. J.; Luan, C.-H.; Chen, G. L.; Khoury, H.

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