Dublin (@1.33) vs Kerry (@4.5)

Our Prediction:

Dublin will win

Dublin – Kerry Match Prediction | 15-09-2019 13:00

Theres nothing worse than when youre All Ireland Champions and that crown is stripped from you as your enemies jeer and laugh. Like hyenas to a pack of gazelles, The Dubs will devour Kerry when it really matters, for they want it more. I expect Kerry to fall into the same trap that Dublin fell into last year, lack of hunger served with a subtle dash of complacency. Dublin experienced that last year as Jim McGuinness masterminded their destruction and looking at it now, it was a harsh lesson but a lesson learned. Dublin will be hungry, so hungry in fact that they would fight to the death for the cause.

Its been well-documented who Tom OSullivan has marked throughout the championship and hes kept them relatively scoreless. There could be a shout to put Paul Murphy on Kilkenny but there could also be a shout to put him on McCaffrey. Looking at Brian Fenton, David Moran will probably take him up. With this Dublin team there are so many match-ups that are important. Then theres Paul Mannion, Ciarn Kilkenny, Brian Fenton and they are going to have to do something to counteract Jack McCaffrey. Con OCallaghan is the main threat anyway. Whether Tom OSullivan goes on him well see, but OCallaghan is number one. First and foremost theres Con OCallaghan obviously hes playing remarkable stuff.

There are rumours, one being Tommy Walsh coming in for Kerry, maybe offering a Twin Towers effect with Clifford. Is there another Kerry impact sub there? I think thats going to be fascinating Then, I think Stephen OBrien could have a big influence on the game. But do you risk him from the start? I think it takes a bit of pressure off Clifford having a guy like Tommy Walsh there. I could see John Small going on Sean OShea and that could see Eoin Murchan coming into the team.

They just cannot let the game settle. Whether Tommy Walsh and David Moran are there from the start or whether Walsh comes on, they need to keep changing it up. At this point in time for this Kerry team, I think it could just be a little too early to dethrone them. Theyre just too strong and powerful in their attacking options. I dont think Kerry will have enough defensively as a whole to combat the Dubs. If Kerry are to go out and beat the Dubs they need to be able to change their game-plan up every ten or 12 minutes.


Vinny Murphy and Darren Homan bagged quick-fire goals as Dublin scored 2-3 without replay to give them a one-point lead as the game drew to a close. When Dublin goalkeeper David Byrne miscued his kick-out, Maurice Fitzgerald responded with what has been described as the greatest point in the history of the championship.[10] 45 metres out on the sideline and with the outside of his right boot, Fitzgerald steered the football over the bar to level the game. After 46 minutes Kerry were eight points clear. When referee Michael Curley awarded Kerry a somewhat dubious free, Dublin manager Tommy Carr was quick to vent his frustration and remonstrated strongly with the Galway official.[9] That face-off brought Dublin to life. Dublin still had a chance to win but substitute Wayne McCarthy didnt have the distance into the wind from a 45 straight in front of the posts and the game ended in a 2-11 to 1-14 draw. Kerry had been in charge for three quarters of the match, with Dara Cinnide contributing six points, primarily from placed balls, and also providing the pass for Aodn Mac Gearailt to score a goal after just 11 minutes. For long stages it looked like Kerry would run out easy winners as Collie Moran and Dessie Farrell spurned two goal chances in the first half. After a 17-year hiatus, Dublin and Kerry renewed their rivalry in an All-Ireland quarter-final at Semple Stadium, Thurles on 4 August 2001.

Youd expect Jack Barry to pick up Brian Fenton and Michael Dara Macauley will be pumped up for David Moran. The midfield pairing will be the one with a massive bearing on the outcome. Obviously Jason Foley has huge, huge speed so he could go on Mannion. Tom OSullivan has been having a great year but who do you deploy him on? But you have an option like Eoghan OGara coming in and we saw against Cork in the Munster final how Morley was under a small bit of pressure under the high ball. The headache for Kerry is that Dublin have so many options available. Tadhg Morley, I suppose, could go on Dean Rock.

Not to mention the sheer momentum Dublin will feel at their backs as the blue wave approaches the Kingdom. Jim Gavins side marched into the field of combat not once, but twice in two epics, unwanted epics in Kerrys eyes it must be noted. Kerry disposed of Tyrone with relative comfort back in August, however since then theyve been waiting for the final while their foes, Dublin, have encountered plenty of challenges. The wounds inflicted by Mayo will heal and strengthen Dublin. The two games of course will do the world of good in terms of fitness and sharpness, Dublin have the edge in that regard.

Will Kerry push them? Then, they can play a short game as well where they can utilise Geaney and Clifford and Stephen OBrien et cetera. They will but they dont have enough at this particular time to beat them. Id love to see Tommy Walsh and David Moran spend two or three sets of ten minutes in the full-forward line, kicking high ball in and changing up their game-plan. The Dubs will win by a few points and theyll be deserved champions with the five-in-a-row. You need an A, B and C if youre going to beat the Dubs.

Both managers can call upon an oasis of talent, youth or experience but you cant ignore the colourful blend of fearless youths, calm experienced heads and the raw talents at the disposal of Jim Gavin. Kerry may match Dublins starting 15 but the finishing 15 are pivotal and the boys in bluesreserves will be hard for Fitzmaurices team to match, never mind better. From Brian Fenton to Alan Brogan, this Dublin team has all the ingredients and mixed altogether it forms a cocktail of success. I think everyone will agree that these two teams are the best in terms of depth and quality.

All-time results[edit]

For nearly ten minutes in the first game against Mayo last month, Dublin panicked as someone finally managed to disengage their cruise control and they had no answer but blind panic. Dublin will evolve to counter whatever Kerry may throw forward and they wont panic. Dublin will study Kerry as the game goes on and make adequate changes to counter Kerrys strategy while they also study themselves. Cunning and intelligent, The Dubs under Gavin measure up their unsuspecting prey, they find their weaknesses before they pounce. I can tell you for a fact it wont happen again.The harsh lesson was once again learned, my evidence of this being the replay of that game.

If Kerry pushes up on their kick out and Fitzmaurice directs some special attention towards McCaffery and McCarthy, Dublin might have to change their tactics slightly and we could see a big performance from Brogan. This is why Dublin are favourites, they are able to adapt to circumstance. The Dubs have yet to reach full tilt and a big performance will be expected, and most likely delivered. Much has been made regarding the form of Bernard Brogan. Kieran Donaghy has not been named to start tomorrows game, but like King puck at Killorglin puck fair, he will be paraded before a Kerry crowd at some point. However, Dublin are carrying the ball into the forward line more than ever this year. Like King Puck, it is yet to be seen whether his entrance will match his exit. If Kerry are to prevail, he will have to pay the role of puppet master, he sees things before they happen, and in the centre half forward position, he can pull the strings. The final word will have to go to the best player on the pitch, and that is Colm Cooper. He was off pace in the Cavan game and his marker picked up the man of the match. However, that game was over at half time, Donaghy was getting his first start of the championship, and unlike Tyrone in last weeks game, Kerry have a substitute bench that are not there to make up the numbers. Its a combination of pace and support that has seen Dublin progress to tomorrows semi-final. Its also this combination that has made this team an even better force then in 2011. Dublins half back line this Summer like that of Mayo has been the springboard for many of their scores and if a score has to sum up their Summer, then surely Jack McCafferys goal against Cork in the quarter final is a text book example of their style of play. The Dublin full back line will be tested tomorrow and about time too. Ciarn Sheehan for Cork was a thorn in their defence last time out. Dublin have looked comfortable all summer and Jim Gavin has installed a fresh hunger in their play. Beware although, if we see him behind his own midfield, it is an indication that Kerry are in trouble.VerdictIt would be the safer option to go with the favourites, but also the correct one! It would be a blunder by Fitzmaurice if OCarroll was not put under pressure in the air once again. Thy Kingdom will come but it will take more than a Hail Mary to see them through on this one. The revolving argument as to whether you keep a supreme talent close to goal, or let him roam around the 40 could be answered tomorrow.

And its up to players to adapt quickly. Dublin are going for the five-in-a-row and Kerry are going in with absolutely nothing to lose. The weight of expectation is all on Dublin and Kerry could be lucky and take advantage of that. But so many factors come into play in an All-Ireland final; mistakes can be made in a high-pressure situation. I think Dublin will win by about three or four points but Kerry will give them a hell of a fight on the day. Toms S spoke of this being a free shot for Kerry.

Dublin started the second half strongly and were level by the 51st minute. With the match approaching injuring time, the sides were level at 0-20 to 2-14 until two late points for Dublin courtesy of Eoghan O'Gara and Diarmuid Connolly ensured a Dublin victory with the final scoreline being Dublin 0-22 Kerry 2-14. Kerry rallied before half-time and scored 2-4 with reply to go in 5 points up at half time with the goals being scored by Paul Geaney and Darran O'Sullivan. Kerry regained composure to retake the lead only to be pegged back by Dublin again. Dublin went into the game as favourites and a strong start by them led to the leading by 0-9 to 0-4 after 24 minutes. Dublin faced Kerry again the following year this time at the semi-final stage.

On 14 August 2004, Dublin and Kerry renewed their All-Ireland quarter-final rivalry in what was their first Croke Park meeting in almost twenty years. Kerry went on to dominate the rest of the match and secured a 1-15 to 1-8 victory. Midfielder Darren Homan kicked two points and dominated the middle of the pitch initially but, like his team, he could not sustain the challenge. In contrast there was a touch of good fortune about Kerrys goal with Colm Coopers half-blocked shot coming back off an upright to the unmarked Dara Cinnide, who goaled on 47 minutes. In a game of two halves, Dublin dominated the first in terms of territory, possession and goal chances. Ciarn Whelan, operating between midfield and centre forward where he was named to start, saw a thundering shot rebound off the crossbar as the sides were level at the interval.